The Company

Rodeo Drive was founded in 1991 by Marco Poccioni and Marco Valsania. It has always alternated blockbuster comedies with art-house works, producing more than 50 films, TV series and documentaries.

Among the comedies we recall Three Men and a Leg (Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo and Massimo Venier, 1997), the fourth highest-grossing film of the year and winner of the “Biglietto d’Oro” Award; That’s Life (Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo and Massimo Venier, 1998), the highest-grossing film of the year; and Visiting Avana (Dario Baldi, 2010). Always on the lookout for new talent, it produced the debuts of some great comic stars such as Ale & Franz (The Third Star, 2004; I Trust You, 2007), and Ficarra & Picone (Born Tired, 2002).

As regards art-house films, Rodeo Drive has also spotted a number of renowned directors at the start of their careers, such as Alessandro D’Alatri and Ivano De Matteo, establishing fruitful relationships with them and producing four films by Alessandro D’Alatri: No Skin (1994), The Gardens of Eden (1998), the cult film If by Chance (2002), and The Fever (2005); and the last three films by Ivano De Matteo: Balancing Act (2012), The Dinner (2014), and La vita possibile (2016) which won numerous prizes. The company has also collaborated with quality Italian directors such as Giuseppe Piccioni for Penniless Hearts (1995), Carlo Mazzacurati  for Holy Tongue (2000) and Jail Break (2002), Roberto Andò for Secret Journey (2006) and Pappi Corsicato for The Seed of Discord (2008). Many of the art-house films produced by the company have taken part in the most prestigious international festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Montréal, Locarno.

Since 2004 it has also been involved in TV production, including the collection Crimini, written by the biggest authors in Italian noir – Camilleri, Carlotto, Carofiglio, Dazieri, De Cataldo, De Silva, Di Cara, Faletti, Fois, Lucarelli, Simi –  and Catturandi, 12 episodes of 50 minutes shown on Rai 1.


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