Al posto tuo

Locandina Al posto tuo
Max Croci


Luca Argentero
Stefano Fresi
Ambra Angiolini

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Luca Molteni is handsome, single and has a rich and satisfying life. Rocco Fontana is married to Claudia and has three children. The two men are completely different but have one thing in common – their work. They are both creative directors of ceramic factories in the town of Civita Castellana, whose companies have been bought by MaiolItal due to the economic crisis and merged and downsized to the point of only one creative director position remaining. Who will be chosen for this position in the new company? Rocco and Luca are seen as complementary: their being so different is both their strength and weakness, so why not take something from each other? Rocco and Luca will live for a month in each other’s homes to learn the other’s habits and interests. A real “exchange of lives” to learn how to do and be the other.

From septembre 29th in theaters


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