Dream team Les seigneurs

Locandina Dream team
Olivier Dahan


José Garcia
Jean-Pierre Marielle
Franck Dubosc
Gad Elmaleh
Omar Sy
Jean Reno

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Patrick Orbéra is an ex-football star. Now unemployed, alcoholic and ruined, he does not even have the right to see his daughter Laura. Forced by a judge to find a stable job, he has no choice but to go lead the local football team on a small island in Brittany. If he can win their next three matches, he can raise the money to save the island’s canning factory that employs half the population but has been placed in receivership. Faced with the huge job of turning fishermen into professional footballers, he decides to call his former teammates to help him grow this small club.


Every dialogue, situation, character is chiseled with minutia and staged with smoothness and perspicacity in the atypical style of Olivier Dahan (‘La vie en rose’).

Alain Spira Paris Match

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