La vita possibile

Locandina La vita possibile
Ivano De Matteo

Festival and awards

Busan Film Festival (Korea)
Annecy Italian Film Festival (France)
Festival of Tolerance - Zagreb Jewish Film Festival (Croatia)
Love Film Festival, Mons (Belgium)
Ajaccio Italian Film Festival (France): Serge Lecca Award
Los Angeles Italia (USA)
Festival do cinema italiano (Brazil)


Margherita Buy
Valeria Golino
Caterina Shulha
Andrea Pittorino
Bruno Todeschini

Pressbook (pdf)

Details (pdf)



“La vita possibile” is a film about hope, possibilities, the strength of women, the ability to restart your life again and again. Anna and her son Valerio flee from a man who destroyed their love with his hands. The film tells that a different life can still exist, there is a way out. Rebellion is a necessity and is sometimes even inevitable. The “possibility” is in finding a daring and helpful friend, a small home where you feel comfortable, a job that may be tough but pays the bills. A future. Maybe even love again. Anna and Valerio know, they are convinced that they can do this, through will and the force of their sheer determination.

From Septembre 22th in theaters


In this story full of unspoken emotions, a powerful sense of truth, warmth and curiosity for life emerges, suggesting that all is not lost.
Maurizio Porro, Il Corriere della Sera
One of the best surprises of this rentrée is certainly ‘La vita possibile’ by Ivano De Matteo. The film works also because of an extraordinary cast and a very talented screenwriter, Valentina Ferlan.
Vanja Luksic, L’express


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