Opposites attract Poli opposti

Locandina Opposites attract
Max Croci


Luca Argentero
Sarah Felberbaum
Giampaolo Morelli
Riccardo Russo
Grazia Schiavo
Anna Safroncik
Tommaso Ragno

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Stefano Parisi and Claudia Torrini have two jobs that couldn’t be more different – he is a couples’ therapist, she is a divorce attorney. He keeps couples together, she separates them. At this point in their lives, love is the furthest thing from their minds – he is divorced and she is a single mother – but it is undeniably at the center of their lives. Claudia and Stefano soon come to realize that it is useless to fight the laws of physical attraction.che, forse, è inutile lottare contro le leggi della fisica…


This film is a romantic tale in which everyone can identify, it being easy to recognize and understand such real-life characters, people we all have come across at some point in our lives.


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