The seed of discord Il seme della discordia

Locandina The seed of discord
Pappi Corsicato

Festival and awards

Venice International Film Festival,
Nomination Best Comic Actor at Golden Graal


Caterina Murino
Alessandro Gassman
Valeria Fabrizi
Martina Stella

Adapted from

Inspired by the novel “The Marquise of O”, by Heinrich von Kleist

Details (pdf)


Veronica is the beautiful owner of a clothing store, married to Mario, a fertilizer salesman, has a pushy mother obsessed with the idea of a grandchild. Persuaded by her mother to have a fertility test, Veronica discovers she is pregnant… and that Mario is sterile. Her mysterious pregnancy throws the couple into a deep crisis. While Mario seeks refuge in the arms of lovers, Veronica searches for the answer to how this happened with the help and support of Gabriel, the neighborhood security guard secretly in love with her.


Light as a feather and bright as newly-polished silverware. Corsicato plays with and enhances space and color, making everything visually sparkle, including the clothes and bodies of the female characters.

Paolo D’Agostini La Repubblica

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